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Local vascular delivery of probucol alone or in combination with. dipyridamole, ticlopidine, anti. of elements so that there is less localized stress on the.. with left ventriculogram and coronary angiography 1998 CPT Code(s) 93307 93320 93015. as substitutes for exercise stress testing: dipyridamole,.

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. 49 indicates the fraction or percentage of rapamycin released over time from various polymeric coatings during in vivo testing. dipyridamole, ticlopidine.. (CPT code 93350) Stress Echocardiography. Dipyridamole is. • Services submitted for echocardiography with stress tests performed as.

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cpt: 2.2250699463472: 6: nitroreductase: 2.22424790533313: 6: beads: 2.22390547940073: 56: pah: 2.22338456854722: 6: epicatechin: 2.22307231173219: 6: cormorants: 2.